caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

Least favorite drug.

I owe my knowledge of this very strange thing to grammarsquirrel

Here is what made of my livejournal entries:

How I once in One of what ifs, what folks have a nice People's History of Dunces by the scent in to; rip up my I may have been really gross and every thousands of detachment and every so I had never bought when she was her just that broken things I was upset and angry, things that costs I feel need to narrow it was kind of seriously depression. Another new development, i'm either X and in the same City and a ghost? Sneezing a page few months before now; and thousands of what ifs, what the date draws near for cents in Oakland. I have been inside, how that I am so far, Archie came out to take a happy accident that she was getting more and angry, I don't live in Marketing. Least favorite drug.

I have been busy and overwhelmed and dusty and sweaty and grumpy. More later.

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