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nihilistic_kid had this witty little poll in one of his entries, so I stole it:

fad you wish you had never bought into: Cocktails, swing music (thankfully it was a brief fascination).

city you would next like to live in: Budapest.

food you used to love and now can't stand: veal cutlets.

childhood idol: Billy

biggest leap of faith: Trying to get everything cleared out and repaired in my Santa Cruz house by June 9th.

worst job: I would say that being a Jizz Mopper would be the worst job ever, but i've never done it.

least favorite drug: Cocaine.

least favorite slang word: nizzle

guilty pleasure tv show: E.R.

favorite song in eighth grade: B52's Rock Lobster.

cd or tape you are most ashamed of: Royal Crown Revue - Mugzy's Move

favorite screen couple: Mollie Ringwold, Ducky.

most hated celebrity: Too many to narrow it down to ONE...

first crush: Kory Keyes (i think that's his last name) in 5th grade (he looked like Scott Baio).

favorite halloween costume: Bag of Jellybeans, even though it caused me to get beaten up pretty badly.

first concert: Either X and Wall of Fire in Santa Cruz or Book of Love opening for Depeche Mode in Oakland.

ever seen a ghost? Not really sure. Probably.

first friend: Stephanie Terry, Stephanie Locatelli and Sasha Markham.

favorite simpsons character: Milhouse or Gil (here's another cool Gil site).

re-occurring dreams: Climbing up really long complicated staircases with huge chunks missing - Finding secret rooms in familiar houses.

favorite playground equipment: Really long or spirally slides or unusual sculptural climbing structures

number of first cousins: 1

name of freshman year dorm: the Kansas City Art Institute Living Center

summer camp: I once stayed at the ritzy summer camp that was featured in The Parent Trap, Montecito Sequoia. I spent most of my time swimming and canoeing around in the lake. I came back with Chicken Pox! All the other summer camps I went to were Girl Scout camps. I was in to horses.

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