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Today I got books in the mail, and things that smell nice, and some toys from Japan and Hong Kong. And bills. Kind of like a do-it-yourself Christmas. I've been really forcing myself to paint a little bit every day, and i'm excited about the prospect of having my own studio space. Very little else is happening, so I answered a little quizlet.

I ripped this off of seijikat

First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Tillis (and she was creepy)
Last word you said: "dork"
Last song you sang: Stupid irritating catchy Lyric Language Japanese song


What is in your cd player?: Warp:Routine comp
What color socks are you wearing?: striped purple/black
What's under your bed?: A lot of stuff, boxes of art supplies, my mother's ashes
What time did you wake up today?: First time I woke up, 9:40 a.m. Second time, 1:38 p.m. (yay unemployment!)


Where do you want to go: I want to go everywhere. I want to challenge myself.
What is your career going to be?: Teaching, possibly. Slacking and creating art.
Where are you going to live?: Hopefully somewhere great in San Francisco
How many kids do you want?: As few as possible. Unless I have a massive personality shift, becoming all Maternal.
What kind of car(s) will you would to have?: I don't really drive, or anything, but I like weird funky cars.

Current mood: Spaced out
Current music: Plaid - Booc from Warp:Routine compilation cd
Current taste: Hazelnut coffee with cream and Kissmint for Relax
Current hair: Klown Kolors! Candy pink with flaming orange stripes. Needs a cut and re-dye.
Current clothes: Black long skirt, orange/grey raglan shirt
Current annoyance(s): Boredom, lack of inspiration, self-doubt
Current smell: Honeysuckle and tangerine
Current longing: Curry or painting
Current desktop picture: san-x kogepan desktop calendar for May
Current favorite artist: Dave Choe
Current book(s): The Acid House by Irvine Welsh and The Situationist City by Simon Sadler
Current color of toenails: Unpainted, and my left big toe has a weird bruise under the nail from wearing bad platform shoes
Current time-wasting wish: to get everything settled and move my stuff in to the new art studio (soon! very soon!)
Current hate: Hate. hmm. Nothing comes to mind, which surprises me!


May. 9th, 2002 12:03 am (UTC)
Ghoulie foolie
Rack up another point against the Purity Test (http://www.armory.com/tests/500.html)...