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Joel's been suffering with a cold on his days off, so i've been hanging out being kind of nice and mellow with him. He isn't the sort of person who needs a lot of coddling and babying when he's sick, but I made him tea and we played video games and generally took it easy. It's fun. We sing songs and act like feebs behind closed doors.

Today brought dim sum and book-buying adventures, it was nice out, sunny but windy, brisk. There were many small, entertaining moments along the way. The first bus we took broke down mid-intersection. The bus was full of kids from a daycare, and it was really amusing listening to the counselors' interactions with the kids, they were giving them really smart, non-condescending answers to their questions, and what's more, they were all pierced and tattooed hipster types. Yay.

I saw some really interesting graffiti scrawled all over a cardboard box in this crazed, jagged text reading "BLUE PANTS LEVI JACKET WHITE MAN CREEP BULLY HANDS IN POCKET CREEP WHITE MAN CRUEL CRUEL" over and over and over. I recognized it as having been done by this very strange woman I see a lot in this area, she wears about 40 layers of clothes, covering every single inch of herself in rags and cloth. She wears sunglasses which peep out amidst the swaddling and she writes angry scratchy words all over pieces of cardboard which she holds up almost as if they are her armor. I wonder what happened to her to make her feel so threatened.

There was one interesting moment on Clement street. A blind woman walked diagonally across an intersection really briskly and then stopped and started walking head-on in to traffic. I started to get very concerned as we watched her tap her cane wildly, trying to reorient herself in the crazy loud traffic. She found her way back to the sidewalk and went on her way. It was a strangely beautiful, if alarming moment.

What else about today... I got a big box full of bizarre stuffed animals in the mail and a certified letter came from the landlord informing us that the rent will be going up a whopping $40 in June.

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