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So I woke up late today and started up my computer to find a message from my ex boyfriend, offering up this stunning little gem. Um. He regularly sends me weird little nuggets, it's cool. We've sort of become friends again, which is kind of surprising.

Yesterday, though, some big things happened. First of all, I live in a flat with 2 normal-sized bedrooms and 2 tiny rooms. The rent is proportional to the size of the rooms, and one of the rooms has been occupied by someone I never really got along with very well, and the feeling was mutual. He was never around very much anyhow, and he hated his tiny room and seemed to really hate the house as a whole. Well yesterday, he announced that he'd be leaving in 30 days to move in with his girlfriend. He seemed really happy about it, so it's all good. I tried to contain my happiness.

The other big thing that happened is really part of that. I've been looking for a studio to rent, a room to put all my art supplies in and set up an easel and have some space to paint and go nuts. I had been considering getting a space somewhere else, and I was trying to picture myself heading across town on the bus, schlepping all my supplies and canvases... It seems like a drag, and i've been having little luck finding a studio in an accessible part of the city for anywhere near an affordable price. So, last night we were discussing the impending vacancy, and wound up with the idea of me renting the room as an art space, and possibly sharing it with Archie. Hmm!

It's a good idea! It will raise my rent, but it will mean only contending with 2 flatmates. I'm really excited about the possibility of having a studio again.

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