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Daly City adventures

Today Joel had the day off, and we both had a hankering for some used PSX games, so we mounted an expedition to the wilds of Daly City in search of the elusive FunCoLand. We had a big transit adventure, which is always interesting. We met several amusing, friendly psychopaths

As for Daly City/Colma... Yikes! Talk about a consumer wasteland! It's a really alien landscape around there, nothing but vast shopping complexes and cemeteries. It was strangely both horrific and soothing. Archie came along with us, and it was a good time for all. Except that I didn't find what I need, a new cozy blanket, and something I ate was eating away at my stomach lining for a while. But really, for the most part, it was a fun field trip. And I have some low-quality photographs to prove it.


danger third rail

oppressive shopping culture

archie looks pensive

reflections of hills against hills

colma bart sunset

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