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"Where the Self is by proxy, it is not" - Guy Débord

I remember getting flustered when I first learned of the Situationists. It was beatings who first mentioned them, flippantly, in conversation. Recently, i've been reading a lot of social critique, getting all riled up and my curiosity has been sufficiently piqued. Books, yum, yum. Like dig, for instance:
"Living well involves the systematic questioning of all the diversions and works of a society, a total critique of its idea of happiness."
- Guy Débord
Nice. Of course all of this led to the purchase of several books, online, but I bought some of them used.

It's so dull to bitch about taxes, but I got my own taxes done a few days ago, happily i'm getting a bit back. I filed for an extension on filing my mom's final return. I don't have all of the paperwork I need, but after a quick dry-run, it looks like she didn't owe anything in the end. It really seems sick and wrong that taxes and debts cheat death in the end. I need an accountant.

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