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glub glub

Ah yes. I have totally screwed up my hair. Luckily I was prepared for this and have large stores of bleach and peroxide (20, 30 and 40 volume strengths!) on hand to repair the damage. Or inflict further damage. Stage 1 of the bleaching process rendered the front half of my head the lovely over-processed yellow-blonde I was seeking, but there are chunks of darker hair all throughout the back. DAMN MY HEAD. I need a spotter badly. I should never attempt a solo bleaching. I guess I'll wait until Joel gets off of work and see if he'd be willing to assist.

I hate bleaching my roots. I've never been very good at it even though I've been doing it for christ, 16 years or something. It's smelly, messy, itchyburny and annoying. But it's a critical part of the k-razy haircolor thing I do, so I try to resign myself to the drudgery and torment. My mother, though she was a staunch feminist, always said, "Suffer for Beauty, darling child, Suffer for beauty."


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Apr. 14th, 2002 07:34 am (UTC)
I hate hate HATE when that happens. Bleaching is messy and annoying and smelly and it's always such a letdown when there are dark patches left. Me, I'm just trying to get some of the orange out of my hair so I can look like an actual blonde for a while. But I know that once I get the hair light enough for my liking that it's just going to be a tempting blank canvas for Punky Color or Manic Panic and the vicious circle will start all over again. Maybe I'll remember how much work it is to bleach roots AND color over that will remind me how very lazy I am. Life would have been so much simipler if we'd just been born blonde, eh?
Apr. 15th, 2002 06:58 am (UTC)
Well, I still have a few dark patches in the back, but my weird housemate helped me get some of the trouble spots. Now I have weird white barbie hair which slowly blends to a sherbert sunset of scary bunny easter egg pink.

I actually spent a lot of my teenage years partially blonde. I like the artificiality and brashness of the two-toned platinum/brown. I don't look that weird as a blonde, blondeness kind of fits somehow. Not that i'd go there. My housemate Dan keeps saying "If you have one life to live, live it as a blonde," which kind of creeps me out.
Apr. 15th, 2002 10:30 am (UTC)
My Mother used to say, "2 minutes on the lips forever on the hips" whenever she would see me putting something in my mouth. I guess we can all blame her for my eating disorders as a child. Parents can be so fucked up.
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