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Lately I've been listening to a lot of melancholy music, the Eels, The Mountain Goats, Elliott Smith, The Shins, all this Indie crap. It all sort of started with the soundtrack for the Royal Tenenbaums. Funny, that.

I'm still immersed in the I, Claudius series, thanks to Netflix. Yay, Caligula! My flurry of eBay purchases from Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan have taken on epic proportions. I really need to knock it off lest I spend my way blindly through my savings. I have gotten some very cool stuff, however. So eh. It kind of works out.

The best thing in the world came in the mail the other day, a day which was otherwise kind of awful. I had found that one of my very favorite artists, David Choe, had released a new book of his art, Bruised Fruit. I bought it directly from him, how cool is that, and he signed it to me, and drew a crazy whale (his trademark whale doodlin') on the back of the envelope which was splattered with spraypaint and just generally RAD. I'm totally inspired and awed by his work, by his prolific intensity. It's stunning and crazed and visceral. Nice nice nice.

It sort of threw me in to a tailspin of self-questioning, though, feeling terribly unimpressed with myself for being so unproductive these past few years. I'm forcing myself to work every day a little bit in my sketchbook, which is kind of daunting, sadly. It's not like riding a bike, I have a lot of technique to relearn. I'm sure it's there somewhere, body memory or whatever, but I'm so sorely out of practice. Well, practice makes perfect!

The ordeal with my trip to London has left me totally complacent about going. I want to, I think the adventure would do me a world of good, but I have to knuckle down and deal with stuff here at home. I need to start taking classes this summer and get my house in Santa Cruz fixed up and rented out. I really don't want to become a terrible slumlord. I would go in May, but I have to be in San Francisco when youtsk comes to visit. We will have adventures!

My big plan for today is to bleach my roots all to hell, and then dye my hair back to something like fuchsia. I want to try something different, sticking in a couple of streaks of mandarin orange, just for kicks. I don't know how well that will work out, so it's kind of exciting.

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