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I spent a long time, too long probably, on eBay looking at strange action figures from Hong Kong. I am such a rice queen. While I was doing that, I talked for a long time with youtsk. It sucks that he lives far away, because I would totally monopolize his free time and bug him constantly if he lived in the Bay Area.

Before I knew it, several hours had passed, it was 10pm and Joel was calling to say he'd left work and was walking towards my apartment. It's a wacky little tradition he has, he talks to me while he walks up the big hill from Hayes Valley, chugging past Alamo Square.

I decided, just for the hell of it, that we should go out and play and have dinner and stuff. It was a good idea, and we both enjoyed our random little outing. We ate a nice dinner and I got a new watch, a cheap little plastic dealie which lights up and strobes and blows your mind. I also got flea medicine and little collars for the kitties here, and they're really resentful about the collars. They keep giving me these sad, confused looks. They really look quite dashing in them, however. I'm hoping that they'll get used to them in a few days.

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