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hippity hop and ya don't stop

sugaree is drunk on her webcam! It's totally out of control!!!

In other news, nothing much is going on. I've been getting some financial issues taken care of, dealing with paperwork, legal and otherwise. I feel so dull! Eh. So I was planning on heading out to see my housemate's band Wash Me play tonight but instead I stayed home. Joel's got a cold and I'm feeling all headachey and tired so we stayed in, cooked a whitetrash casserole (i'm now the master of 2 recipes) and watched that strange Tom Green Tokyo Subway Monkey Thing on tape. The casserole rocked, Archie came by for a little while, it wasn't such a bad evening. I feel bad about missing Wash Me.

I'm excited and apprehensive about my upcoming London trip. pippilina might be playing a gig in Edinburgh, which is a fantastic amazing place and she might try to work it to coincide with my visit. RAD. I will eat a Pasty. I will, uh, bag a pipe! Actually, my big London plan is to go to museums, drink pints and buy shoes. I'm realistic!

I have to go to Santa Cruz again soon to sell off some ballast. I need to really get cracking on clearing out parts of the house to prepare for contractors and construction/destruction. Possibly sometime in the next week i'll head down.

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