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HIPSTER HATRED: the hot-button issue generating way more debate than you want/need/deserve/dismiss.

Gavin McInnes has awesome facial hair. Though on some level I am creeped out by his moustache.


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Nov. 20th, 2008 12:11 am (UTC)
I really don't mind em. I like any new and fresh fashion trends.

What I do hate are the dorks that are wannabe's. The people who want so desparately to be a "hipster" but put NO effort into it. Like sloppy goths or semi-emos, half assed attempts just makes it all look bad.

The word "hipster" does need to die. Not so much in every vernacular but in the lexicon of journalists. There was a time when the word "fashionista" was over used and it used to drive me nuts. It pains me to this day just to type the word.

I know kids will ALWAYS come up with something new and odd lookin', but it doesn't mean THAT YOU CAN DRESS THAT WAY WELL INTO YOUR 30s!!! That was another thing that bugged me. People who didn't get the whole "age appropriate" concept. Like 50 yr old fat women wearing low ride jeans and babydoll Ts.

Sorry but people my age who dress like they are 14 don't look "hip", they look retarded.
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