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Well okay, damnit

So I decided pretty much to brute force myself out of the terrible mood I've been in.

I printed some of my digital photos on high-quality photo paper and they look amazing, it's the first time i've actually held a decent physical copy of any of my digital photos, very nice. I got some larger prints made, 14 x 17. Then I bought a birthday card + bow and a gift certificate for Archie's birthday art salon/wine party and rushed over to stick my photos on the walls. It was a weird scene! Archie's friends are all very nice, but they're working a very different aesthetic. I felt like a total outsider, except for the few people I knew. At first I paced nervously around the entryway and felt oafish while I slugged some wine. Eventually I settled in to a few conversations about photography, and people seemed to genuinely enjoy looking at my photographs. It was much more fun once I relaxed, but man, Archie's got some beautiful intimidating friends.

The other brute force method of mood elevation is that I'm going to London! Yay.

I'm going to visit with my dear departed pippilina for about 10 days in April and that's really cool and exciting! I haven't been back to London in 10 years! A decade! It'll be fun.

stormy clouds
the blustery clouds

hideous rat bird feasting upon CHICKEN
eu pigeon eating chicken

cracked plaster at the party
the cracked plaster party

tiny little plastic paratrooper
operation anaconda

plastered archie at the party
plastered party host
aww! sweet!
after cake, some sugar

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