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Quips and quivers

I have been in a funk, a rut, something along those lines for the past week or so. Tonight I went out and had some fun, so I feel a lot more upbeat and cheerful. I saw The Royal Tenenbaums and thought it was excellent. Decent movies cheer me up. I always forget about going to see movies when I'm bored. Movies are a terrific way to lose yourself for a little while, and frequently, that's all I require. A small diversion and then it's back to the usual.

pippilina had a birthday and I neglected to mention it! Her birthday is PI. That's pretty elite. As a result of it being her birthday, I received a surprising call from someone from our collective past, in Santa Cruz, an old friend who invented a cool springboard module, the Omniremote. What a cool, oldschool name! OMNIREMOTE. He said he would send me one, if I wanted! Neet. It was interesting giving him the updates about various other Santa Cruz expatriates while he gave me a few updates about people who are still living there. Hm. It got me to thinking.

It occurs to me that I am definitely the sort of person who doesn't pick up and move around or make drastic weird life changes much. It's pretty damned surprising that I'm not still down there, lonely and sad, in Santa Cruz, really. I've never regretted moving up here, and that's saying a mouthful, because I regret a lot of things.

A good friend, Archie, who is a photographer, is having a gallery/salon showing in honor of his birthday and has asked me to submit some photos for display! Neat. I've never printed out any of my digital work. I don't know what to expect, but I'm excited.

Look at us having a blast UHHHHH
Pretty dorky!


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Mar. 16th, 2002 10:28 am (UTC)
Regret This!
I know you regret meeting me. But that's okay, because I'm like that intestinal parasite that you can't get rid of. Or something. FEED ME DINNER!
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