caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

Tweets for treats, twirps for twits!

Today's tittering twitters:

02:06 I just fell and fucked myself up rather dramatically in front of a crowd of hipster kids. That was pretty glamorous. #

02:13 my camera took a pretty sizeable hit, too. At least I made it home before the weather fouled. I'm going to nurse my wounds now. #

02:21 @datn thanks for the fondly thinks. I didn't break anything but i've got a really stunning bruise on my shin. ow ow ow. #

02:22 My camera appears to be in working order. My right shin took the brunt of the damage, wow. My pride is a bit wounded as well. Bleh. #

15:42 @doomdoomdoom it promises vast deliciousness. #

Clumped up all nice automagically by LoudTwitter

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