caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

Unlovely evening ended

While walking home in my neighborhood tonight, I took a massive, violent gainer while side-stepping a huge after-hours clusterfuck of sidewalk-hogging hipsters. Ouch. Thankfully this enormous crowd got to witness my noisy and super-graceful moves while trying to collect myself and my camera, dinner, keys, phone and umbrella. A few of them asked if I was alright, but fuck them! I was busily nursing my wounded pride and hating on my neighborhood's gentrification, so I wrenched myself up and gimped the rest of the way home to avoid conversation and further embarrassment.

I'm a bit scraped up, and my right hand has that nasty roadrashy gravelly burn thing going on. Much of my right shin just below the knee is throbbing, swollen, partly numb and developing a weirdly-shaped bruise of many gross and frightfully vivid hues. At least I got home before the massive Y2K8 OMGWTFBBQ STORM hit. Or something.

But I just fell in love with this sweet video from Menomena, so there's that.

    I made you a present, you’ll never expect it
    And when you unravel the secret will travel
    It's hard to take risks with a pessimist
    I hope that this shaking will help us awaken
    Separated by skin ‘til we let ourselves in
    It's hard to take risks with a pessimist
    It's hard to take risks
    I hope one will burn me, I know you’ll desert me
    (This is the closest I’ve come to touching you the way I want)
    The hope can be painful, I’ll try to be faithful
    (It’s hard to take risks)

My life is trending rather badly these days. Hm.
Tags: embed, injury, music, storm,, video

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