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Or, maybe i'm just lazy!

I really haven't had anything terribly interesting to report recently but I feel the need to update nonetheless. My time has been taken up with new software and hardware. Feeling kind of sick, worrying a lot. The two are undoubtedly related.

I still need to build more IKEA shelves but I keep finding a million excuses not to. I'm really quite good at finding excuses not to clean, work, sleep. Awful, awful! Tonight I watched the Osbournes on empty-v and it was SO. FUNNY. Then I got pulled in to watching this really infuriating thing on Homeland Security with Ted Koppel with people standing up to say that they thought racial profiling was not so bad, and why not state your religion on a federal I.D. card and hey why not profile based on DNA information too. It was weird. I don't really feel like I have very many like-minded comrades out there. My housemate Dan just keeps saying, "Oh, man. We are so the Last Days of Rome. I just hope that I am treated well by the Barbarians." in his very Mark Leyner/Chuck Palahniuk detached irony po-mo kind of way. I haven't spent much time just sort of hanging out with my housemates lately, but it turned out that way tonight. We cracked jokes and watched TV. After Nightline was Politically Incorrect with Michael Moore! Heck yeah. Then there was Insomniac. It was actually pretty entertaining.

So um. Life isn't terrible right now, but I am a nervous bundle of stress and that's not good. So life could definitely be better. I need to have more fun.

BP is 110 over 74 and the Pulse is ZERO.

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