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Unpack, Install, Run.

So. The new computer, yes. Very well appointed, but still essentially a cold, drafty weird new place to move around in. This process is like the data equivalent of moving across town without a car, I guess. It's amazing how nested I get with my machines. I make them cozy, I fuck them up, I decorate, deface and customize. This machine works well with my abuses. I named it after poop, to give it a complex.

So really, since yesterday evening, this is almost all I've done, screwing around with my new fast shiny toy. One nice thing is I can play DVDs on my computer now, and I have been watching Everybody's Famous, this Dutch film, and the actor playing the father reminds me of my dad in a good, comfortable way. The film is really charming.

I feel a little more depressed than usual lately. I'm not sure why, I guess I just feel a bit directionless and overwhelmed. I've been thinking too much, oddly nostalgic, and really kind of melancholy. I'm pulling away from people, even Joel. At least I'm aware of it, huh?

One good thing i've been doing is doodling a lot.

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