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tlok Ribity

A response to the oft-asked "Why do you photograph graffiti?" question:

    Why do anything, really, I guess?

    I've been living in SF for almost 10 years, and the graffiti here is amazing. It's odd though, I have always seen it, been aware of it, but I never really understood what I was seeing. I never saw the individual names, the patterns. I think a lot of non-writers (normal everyday people) see is just this big lump sum, this single entity called "graffiti" or "tagging" but they can't see each piece or tag as a unique, identifiable work, a deliberate mark made by somebody.

    I guess I just started seeing it. I have a camera, so I record what I see. Lately though, I've become weird and obsessive about it. I'm learning. If I had the balls, I'd probably start writing my own name, but I think that's better left to the real writers. You know? I also like capturing the temporary, just the little blink of an eye that something is up. It's like winning a prize sometimes, finding something really amazing, or funny, or rare.

    Wow, I got all deep and philosophical there. Heh.
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