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dum dee dum

Today was a lot less exciting than yesterday. I cancelled my appointment in Santa Cruz, rescheduled it for Monday. Spent a while with ice on my shoulder, taking it easy. The massive prescription Motrin isn't working as well as the over the counter naproxin I was already taking for the pain, rendering my whole ER trip kind of pointless. Well, okay so at least I'm pretty sure that I don't have a torn rotator cuff or something awful, just a lot of annoying pain that keeps getting reinjured.

Everyone is alarmed and annoyed about last night's robbery but there's not much more we can do about it aside from taking measures to prevent further opportunists from entering.

I felt all listless and woozy today. Joel came by after work to hang out, he had all this happy energy and really seemed to want to go do things and run around and look at stuff and I did too, kind of, but I felt the need to take it easy. Poor Joel, bored by proxy. We ate sandwiches.

Tomorrow will be unboring. The good kind of unboring, though.