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The new Foetus album vein arrived in the mail today and it's amazing, which is not something I would have expected to think of a remix album.

but, i mean, Mike Patton, Matmos, Tweaker? Fugeddaboutit. It's kind of goofy though, it includes a music video for Time Marches On, which is... a cool song, and neat, but um. It's not 'new' nor is it unavailable elsewhere all the hell over the place. Like, for instance

All this additional multimedia content really does is make my computer get all confused about whether or not to play the music content or the woo woo data. CDs are DUMB.

i am going to go out now. ok but enjoy a delicious BEAN CUP!

My birthday is on Wednesday. Beat the rush and start lavishing me with lulz, praise, gifts, ritual animal sacrifice... Gift certificates are acceptable.
Tags: birthday, dr, embed, foetus, music, tran, youtube

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