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yo Gung hay fat CHOY yo

Alrighty! Today was a pretty full day. I had a little list of things I wanted to try to get done, and I managed to do almost all of them, whoa.

The coolest thing about today was getting a couple of ancient Mystery Rolls of film developed and sorting through a bunch of random photos from about, oh, 2-3 years ago, documenting several haircolors and weird little phases in my life. It was some crazy archaeology. Trying to place the photos in a specific timeframe was amusing and weird. There was actually one roll which I was totally unsure about, the second was a fun saver disposable deal I found when I was sorting through stuff at my mom's house. I kept meaning to develop it, hoping to find something poignant and insightful. Instead I found a lot of pretty mundane, everyday snapshots.

I'm putting together a small care package for youtsk, who whines and bitches about living in the middle of nowhere and so I have to send him all the best japanese candy (KissMint, Hi-soft green tea chews) and other assorted cosmopolitan delights (porn). He had a request for some really obscure items, and sadly, I failed to find them. I got him some other assorted junk to make up for it. Now the trick is to actually mail it to him!

I got a few more of the cool Pontiki toys to mess around with because I am a sucker for cuteness and clever design and bright colors. I also procured: a cheap chemistry review book, a small blue armadillo and a spongebob squarepants for my housemate. Everyone is taken care of.

Another very cool thing I saw today was a bunch of breakdancers over by Powell and Market, and that just rocks . I took photos. I think I found the camera I'm going to upgrade to, and the guy selling it was talking the price down a lot, so that also rocks. Then there was the Chinese New Year parade going on, and since I was in the neighborhood, I waited around and caught some of it. Lots of cheerleaders and cops. Yum. Oh and I bought cat food for the miserable wretched pusspusses who are really too pudgy anyhow.

colorful and shiny!dance, dragon, dance!this was the first image on the mystery roll. SPOOKEEE.

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