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All the clever people wanna tell you

So I had this blind date from the internets a few months ago, and on a whim, I accepted a plus-one invitation to join in the fun at the Anarchist Food-Hacking Collective Supper Club. It was really a great night, and they happened to be filming a documentary piece about the Anarchist Food Hackery that night, and I was kind of in a few scenes. Yay!

    07|12|07 22:57 marc: you're kinda in this video
    07|12|07 22:57 marc:
    07|12|07 23:09 kaffeinatrix: cool video!!! oMG
    07|12|07 23:10 marc: yeah u think it's chill?
    07|12|07 23:10 kaffeinatrix: seriously this is great!
    07|12|07 23:10 kaffeinatrix: ah awesome
    07|12|07 23:10 kaffeinatrix: :)
    07|12|07 23:10 marc: hahah
    07|12|07 23:10 kaffeinatrix: making me hungry, bitch
    07|12|07 23:11 kaffeinatrix: eh there I am on bideo with pink hair
    07|12|07 23:12 marc: yup
    07|12|07 23:12 marc: and u see ur boobs for a sec
    07|12|07 23:14 kaffeinatrix: WHOA I MISSEDS THE BOOBESDES
    07|12|07 23:14 kaffeinatrix: i was sending email to the date boy saying hey remember when you fondled bacon?
    07|12|07 23:15 kaffeinatrix: heh i've hardly spoken to him since that night
    07|12|07 23:15 kaffeinatrix: LOLZ
    07|12|07 23:29 kaffeinatrix: ha this video, you sound like a total God
    07|12|07 23:29 kaffeinatrix: but where are my titties
    07|12|07 23:29 kaffeinatrix: OH
    07|12|07 23:29 kaffeinatrix: there they are
    07|12|07 23:29 kaffeinatrix: HELLO SOUP
    07|12|07 23:29 kaffeinatrix: yikes the girls are famous!

Tags: im paste, internet fame, linky, video

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