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Today wasn't a bad day... It wasn't spectacular either. I only really had one goal in mind and that was to go to the comic book store in my neighborhood to pick up some new releases. I slept a lot later than I'd planned, I was up past dawn messing with images. Ideas, ideas. Yes, please. Archie was over for a bit today, he usually drops in unannounced once or twice a day. He didn't stay long, just long enough to check his email, he was kind of impersonal, but then, so was I.

I tend to want to spend a few hours either completely alone or nearly alone, if I don't get that time alone, I feel edgy and ragged. There have been a lot of people milling around lately. I spent a while just kind of chilling by my lonesome, looking at my new books and putting on eyeliner. I am the most boring person in the world sometimes.

One of the screws fell out of my glasses hinge and I had to dodge oncoming traffic to grab the arm before it got smashed to bits. I couldn't find my glasses repair kit when I got back home, so I was wearing one-armed glasses all evening like a poor bookish wastrel O Woe Is Me.

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