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Kleen Kitchen

My kitchen was really disgusting. Really and truly. There were unknown substances all over everything. It was really bad. So I paid some friends who were unemployed and broke to come over and clean the hell out of it. They did a pretty decent job, and now the walls are white and ungreasy, and there isn't a fearsome trough of slime surrounding the stove! GASP!

I've been waking up early for the last couple of days. It's a refreshing change. I don't feel that my days are already half wasted when I wake up, go figure! Tonight I tried something I've never done before. I cooked a white trash ultramerican casserole! WOO! Go me! I was poking around in digraph's friend list and I came across a random person, optic, and found my way to his website, looking at his photography, which was pretty damned cool. Through further poking around, I found that he had a bunch of recipes, and one of them was too weird, Tater Tot Casserole. So I actually cooked it, with only a slight improvisation on the tater tot part, and it was actually really tasty! I decided that I should learn to cook at least 3 different casseroles. Cream of Mushroom soup! RAAAAA! I am empowered!

Um so, yeah. Today was an okay day. I killed my big drag queen platform slippers, which was a sad moment.

On Friday i'm going with a friend to SFMoMa to check out the Eva Hesse show.

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