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eek, Spiders!

I spent a long time today on the phone, calling and writing to people regarding tomorrow's memorial. It's really draining. Most people are pretty cool and helpful and sweet but there are a few people who seem downright mean, and dealing with them on a daily basis is, well, trying. I've tried to be understanding and compassionate but there are a few folks I hope I never have to interact with ever again.

I started going through some of the stuff in storage, my mom kept a lot of things "just in case", I guess. All kinds of nonsense. Suffice to say, there will be a few trips to the recycling center, a few trips to the dump and a few trips to Goodwill. I went out cruising around the neighborhood with the dog, all covered in dust and spiderwebs, smelling flowers and letting the dog piddle everywhere. My neighborhood, the neighborhood I grew up in, is nice. Suburbanish, but there are trees and flowers. When I returned, my friends were here waiting for me, having ridden down from SF to visit. Yay! It's nice to have some fun weirdos around to hang out with, I've been kind of lonesome. I look forward to getting this memorial out of the way tomorrow, but it'll be nice to see everyone. Friends I haven't seen in forever will be here. Too bad my mom can't make it.


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