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more inane test results

My Color Code is Red, and my Tarot Card is The Chariot. Insightful. Edifying.

It's rainy and cold, and i've had very little sleep. If it were warm out right now, I would go to the park to try to recharge, but I'm thinking that I will probably crawl in to bed for an afternoon nap before too long. Bela, one of the bizarre cats who live with me, keeps masturbating on my blankets. He's understimulated because i'm not letting him outside to run around in the rain and mud. Fat chance, sassypants!

Something that happened last night keeps popping in to my head. When I was at the grocery store, the woman who was checking me out seemed a little distracted, and she was murmuring a little bit to the bagboy. I was kind of busy doing my own thing, then she looked me right in the eye and that's when I noticed that her eyes were all puffy and red and brimming with tears. She looked really upset and apologetic. All of the sudden another clerk came out of nowhere and tapped her on the shoulder and said quietly, "it's okay... you can go home now." She swiftly finished checking me out. It was strange how quickly it happened. I wonder what happened to upset her so.


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Feb. 19th, 2002 01:40 pm (UTC)
Wow. Now I want to know what happened to her too!!

BTW, I think you sent your rain my way. It actually rained (and didn't turn into snow!) last night. Yay!
Feb. 19th, 2002 07:58 pm (UTC)
While I was leaving the store and wondering to myself, I overheard some other Safeway employees saying, "Yeah you can get suspended, even terminated for that, if it's bad..." So who knows, maybe she was on dope, or had been stealing or maybe her grandma died. These little moments of vulnerability and awkwardness are so interesting. You can invent a whole story for each and every person you encounter, it's what makes voyeurism such a rewarding career.
Feb. 19th, 2002 05:44 pm (UTC)
What did you done to her?? You INSENSITIVE BASTARD!
Feb. 19th, 2002 08:10 pm (UTC)
Look, I just told her to shut the hell up and quit sniveling like a little baby or i'd have to call her manager and get her fired, is all! Don't act like she wasn't asking for it, scanning my groceries like that!!@!
Feb. 19th, 2002 06:42 pm (UTC)
Tarot Goodness
Wow, I got STRENGTH.

Which tarot card are you?

Kinda groovy, thanks for the link!

I work to be a wellspring of strength to others.
Feb. 19th, 2002 08:18 pm (UTC)
Re: Tarot Goodness
I guess I work to be, uh, a ride for others to bum? I don't know.

I have a hard time reading much in to the mysteries of the tarot as divined by a little online 9-question test. My mother read Tarot, and her definitions and fortunes were always creative, interesting and meaningful. She was highly empathic and intuitive and had a way of telling people what they really needed to hear.
Feb. 19th, 2002 08:08 pm (UTC)
So I ended up looking at that freaky Wiccan voodoo calculator (http://www.zenhex.com/tests/tarot/) you linked to. At first, I was a bit scared that something would try to install a hex onto my computer machine.

I made my choices from the available categories, but for some bizarre reason I got all hung up on the decision between Fate and Free Will. At some point in my life, I had believed solely in one or the other 100%, but now I have difficulty in devoting to either camp (I think I need to examine and assess this further). It was really bothering me, until I realized I can just make one choice, get the answer, click -Back-, swap answers, and see if a change is made.

I wound up receiving both the Wheel of Fortune and The Fool. Looks like I'm a hustlin', bustlin' bundle of chaos.

If you believe in such tomfoolery.
Feb. 19th, 2002 08:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Mumbo-Jumbo
WHAT!? You worship SATAN??!!!
Feb. 19th, 2002 08:27 pm (UTC)
Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo
Worshipping Satan would explain some of my past projects...


But that was also way back when I insisted that vi was THE tool of the devil. Since then, I've come to complacently accept it (handing the rank to EMACS) but, even then, it's now all about 777 -- the Number of the Moose!
Feb. 19th, 2002 08:28 pm (UTC)
Re: Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo
You are such a Nerd!!! ^_^
Feb. 20th, 2002 05:08 pm (UTC)

frustrated not going outsidies
you make a masturbaties
yum yum licks it, tasty tasties

poor bela, o' why not let him out for a day? his ladies are all out there wondering what happened to their beau hotcake, for is bela not a cat who sasses and chuffs? i miss his chuffy biskit making. he is so happy rolling in the dirt in the empty lot up the street and charming the ladies up and down Hayes, breaking hearts with his deep blue eyes and handsome rutger hauer facial scar. especially happy is he when it is sunning and shining and the sidewalk concrete is hot, when he rolls and fidgets on the warmth, exposing his white belly daring and inviting you, like a bear trap

truly bela's chuffing sass is part of hayes street's gold

Feb. 20th, 2002 11:23 pm (UTC)
Capital Idea!
See, now I would totally agree with you there, and today I let Young Bela run and frolick and chuffsass with his many hot pussies out on the mean streets with Young Dozer. Today it was sunny and warm out, when yesterday was cold and horrible! I don't want sodden, mildewed kitties running around mewling and retching and hoarking up hairballs from licking the hideous street filth off of their wet hides...

Bela and I had some quality time while I was watching that cheesy MtV documentary thing about ecstasy. I patted him and petted him. I fed your miserable fleabeasts tasty tasty Fancy Feast so they would feel all upper crusty (as opposed to LOWER crusty, which they are more accustomed to) and effete and bourgeois for a change. Joel said to make sure to tell you specifically which flavors the kats enjoyed: Bela dined upon the tender Salmon and Shrimp feast while Dozer chose to sup upon the exquisite Roast Beef feast. Good choice, sirs! Suits you!

Hoh! Hoh!
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