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more inane test results

My Color Code is Red, and my Tarot Card is The Chariot. Insightful. Edifying.

It's rainy and cold, and i've had very little sleep. If it were warm out right now, I would go to the park to try to recharge, but I'm thinking that I will probably crawl in to bed for an afternoon nap before too long. Bela, one of the bizarre cats who live with me, keeps masturbating on my blankets. He's understimulated because i'm not letting him outside to run around in the rain and mud. Fat chance, sassypants!

Something that happened last night keeps popping in to my head. When I was at the grocery store, the woman who was checking me out seemed a little distracted, and she was murmuring a little bit to the bagboy. I was kind of busy doing my own thing, then she looked me right in the eye and that's when I noticed that her eyes were all puffy and red and brimming with tears. She looked really upset and apologetic. All of the sudden another clerk came out of nowhere and tapped her on the shoulder and said quietly, "it's okay... you can go home now." She swiftly finished checking me out. It was strange how quickly it happened. I wonder what happened to upset her so.

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