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Histree bubblin up

Today it did indeed rain, and I put up a third shelf, but not the fourth, because I ran out of screws. The shelves are quite nice.

Archie came over to gripe about having to deal with people with horrible politics all day. We watched cartoons, and then we watched Crumb and ate sandwiches. He said he was much happier after watching Crumb, and took off with some porno. I'm digging around for information about a bunch of weirdo industrial bands I was in to when I was about 15-16. Not surprisingly, a lot of them have disappeared. But in my searching, I have come across a lot of intriguing information. Blast from the past and all.

Listening to Vidna Obmana reminds me of a very specific time in my life, and a certain kind of confusion and curiosity about everything. I remember listening to music like this and feeling like I was a very small point in a large dark ocean, with everything rushing around me, near enough for me to be aware of but never close enough to touch. Sometimes nostalgia is very accurate.