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some art somehow

Artattack! I stumbled upon some surprising, inspired work by Peter Baldes and now I can't stop. An explanation via the Source Code blog:

      Hypertemporality Animations, a project by Peter Baldes, are a series of gif files laid out in a table that due to network conditions, browser idiosyncrasies, and the user’s own behaviour act dynamically. These simple, animated shapes and colors load sequencially, a typical web browser behaviour, giving birth to dynamic images that are the result of factors other than the artist's will. Reloading them or using different browsers will make them load differently everytime. Slower or faster Internet connection speed will influence how the animations are viewed. ...

      These animations were originally created for an online exhibition called Hypertemportality, hosted by the University of Richmond and curated by Nathan Altice. Now they have moved to a blog, allowing Baldes to explore a more dynamic, almost performative way of creating and presenting his animated experiments.

    Any-Hoo, it's cool. Some favorites:
    This is incredible. It just is.
    i'm hypnotized by this...
    this is just pretty
    oh, snap
    get dancey

Finally, a really cool illustration, by ronald kuniawan


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Jan. 31st, 2007 10:43 pm (UTC)
One of these days some smart language-expert person is going to write a paper explaining how and why the classic pirate's "arrrr" became "argh" in popular imagination. I think it's because Americans aren't familiar with Dorsetshire/west-country accents.
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