caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

Fantastic flavor fancies - Sick like Sid and Nancy

New Young Pony Club

    I can give you what you want.
    I can make your heart beat short.
    I can make you ice cream
    We could be a sweet team
    Melting in your vice dreams, sport.

    I can be the sauce you crave.
    I can spell what you can't say.
    Chocolate flavor love theme
    Treat the treats you so mean
    Covering your nights and days.

    Let me give you what you'd like.
    I can make your mouth run dry.
    Drink me like a liquor
    C'mon and dip your dipper
    Show me what you're here for, guy.

    I can give you what u want.
    i can make your back real taunt
    Fantastic flavor fancies -
    Sick like Syd and Nancy -
    Wicked as a joyride jaunt.

    What you want
    I can give you what you want
    What you want
    I can give you what you want, you want
    You want
    I can give you what you want
    What you want
    You want
    Whatcha whatcha want now.
Tags: embed, fluff, lyrics, music, youtube

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