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      "I believe the role of the artist is to recognize and bring forth into their work the radiance of all things. I believe in the power of art to communicate this radiance and illumminate truth. I believe everyone has the possibility of a deeper and more spiritual experience of life through art."

Two Figures on Blue #3, by J. A. O'Baoighill
30" x 30", Relief Print and Acrylic on Canvas, 2001

Anxious Figure on Red, by J. A. O'Baoighill
24" x 18", Ink and acrylic on board, 2004

Amoebas Everywhere, by J. A. O'Baoighill
41" x 41", 2000

Mozart Eating a Banana, by J. A. O'Baoighill
66" x 66", 2002
Tags: art, images, sproing

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