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You scored higher than 93% on happykittybunny

Whyyy am I still AWAKE omg

You suffer the meme now.

You've got a 63% tolerance for the cute, cuddly, huggable, fluffy things in life.
Check you out! Look who appreciates the cute! I'm guessing you don't mind babies, small children or animals, but you're not obsessed with cute things to the point of excess. You're a little discerning in your quest for cuteness. People don't find you creepy. Well, goths, naysayers and politicians might be a little creeped out, but what do THEY count for? Politicians are creepy in and of themselves, and goths are black-clad, skittish creatures who don't mow their lawns. You don't need their support, and if you want to enjoy the sunny stuff in life, you will!

Barney probably still makes you queasy, though (and if you have no idea who that is, lucky you). Totally understandable. Who wants to hear some lame song about people loving each other, anyway? Well, maybe love in more of an intimate, sexual, full-bodied sense, but certainly not with a man in a purple dinosaur suit. Aside from the weirdness factor, he's probably really immature in bed.
I'm guessing you were probably pretty happy to watch the kids' shows when you were little. Not like me, sadly. I always wanted to watch Beverly Hills 90210 or The X-Files, but NO... I had to put up with bloody 7th Heaven. Bah. Anyway, be proud! Embrace the cute!

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 93% on happykittybunny
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