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Okay, okay.

So really, while life has been in upheaval and everything is topsy-turvy, there hasn't been a whole lot going on worth writing about. There's a new housemate, and getting over the tragic/bittersweet departure of our belov'd pippilina has been made ever weirder by the incoming housemate. He's a very, veryvery strange person. I'm trying my level best to reserve judgment of his housemateful qualities until he's more settled in and - hopefully - a little calmer. I know how trivial these sorts of stupid domestic issues can be, so I'll just leave it out.

Today, I was a shameless, hedonistic consumer. Today I went, with the new, bizarro housemate, to IKEA. Gasp, gasp. I needed shelves, though, for my books! Books are noble! Books need proper care and respect! So, I got shelves. Oh my god yes I got shelves. It was a baffling, infuriating 5-hour ordeal, but I got shelves. I'm possibly a little too excited by the concept of shelving. I live a cluttered, fucked-up life, and I have too many books. I'm praying to the IKEA gods of organization and renewal by buying shelves. I also got shower curtains. Fuck yes. The consumer gods are smiling upon me.

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