caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

this is not a love song!

Answer each personally revealing question. Please limit your answers to either "yes" or "no"; your friends don't have much time to read--they're itching to answer it themselves.

  1. Do you ever feel guilty about not answering the phone when it's someone you don't want to talk to?

  2. Do people compliment your tattoos?

  3. If you could play a musical instrument, would that make you happy enough you'd stop posting depressing poems to your journal?

  4. Are people disgusted by your Harry Potter fanfic?

  5. Are people disgusted by your Harry Potter slashfic?

  6. Is the auto-playing music on your myspace page a really cool song?

  7. Do you try to keep your eBay swindles to under $500 each?

  8. Is your thorazine prescription for more than 200mg/day?

  9. Was your reason for not personally donating to Katrina relief efforts the fact they were all scams?

  10. Did the cosmetic surgery leave scars?

  11. After you cheated on your significant other, did you tell him/her?

  12. Did you break any bones the first time you tried to beat up a nerd?
    No. (Well, none of mine, anyway.)

  13. Did you learn anything from your three-year imprisonment on drug charges?
    No. Or wait, does shiv-design and production count?

  14. As a current or former member of the Communist Party, did you discourage the assassination of the President of the United States?

  15. Have you stopped stalking Scarlett Johannson and Aston Kutcher?
    Aston, Yes. Scarlett, No.

  16. Do you still beat your wife?

Gangraped from nothings.
Tags: humpday, meme, quiz

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