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sunny sunday

Yeah here's a goofy chat log because I don't feel like typing it out:

caffeina: hey hore i got drinked up last night
caffeina: I saw L. and G. and stuff last night
Pippilina: OH right how did that go?
caffeina: i knifed them all
caffeina: STAB STAB
Pippilina: Hhahaa are you online at the womens correctional center agina?
Pippilina: again
caffeina: yes
caffeina: please send bail
caffeina: lesbians threatening maidenhead
caffeina: no actually it went well, and L. and I talked and chattered and it was like we were friends and stuff. At first it was awkward because G. and D. were giving me the cold shoulder, and a lot of people were like "whoa who the hell are THEY" because we're not part of their little scene but eventually G. came up and talked and stuff
caffeina: L. even gave us a ride home
caffeina: danny went with us, it was chill
Pippilina: did u have a good time? what about L. u sed G. socialized what about L.?>
caffeina: i was still feeling a little tiny bit sick and had trouble hearing so it was odd somewhat trying to talk to people. what about L., we talked a bunch. He eventually came up and said hi, and introduced himself to joel kind of all shy and weird
caffeina: L. and i both agreed that it was good to see each other and talk and stuff again
Pippilina: oh siht right how about your ear?? thats good that u and L. got to talk

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