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I have too much stuff

I need to weed out the junk I have collected and sort out the really choice chunks. I can't buy more books until I have a new bookshelf. This weekend there's stuff to do and I want to be well enough to enjoy myself so I think I'll go to bed early early and miraculously wake up healthy. This stupid cold is hanging on just long enough to make me angry. Tomorrow there's a gallery opening at the Bearded Lady Truckstop Cafe and my good friend Archie's new band, A Tension, will be playing. Saturday there's another thing going on and i'm a little more uneasy about that but still looking forward to it.

I've been thinking more and more about travel. I miss it, I used to go all over the place all the time, but now I feel like i've been stuck in one place too long. By way of razorart, I found Virtual Tourist and proceeded to daydream myself away a few hours thinking of wonderful places to go.

Archie and Liam, another of my weird friends, came by today and woke me up with videos and entertainment. I was feeling pretty rough when I woke up but once I'd had some tea and fresh air, I was feeling a little better. We watched a Documentary about the Clash, and then Archie ran off to get a copy of Acid House, this film version of three Irvine Welsh stories. We smoked a little hash before the movie started up, which did little to alleviate the intense bleakness of the movie. It's really, really good though. I think I might be well enough tomorrow to get something done! Yay.

So much for an early night!!

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