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A letter I sent to Pippilina

Wah I am still sickly, but I went out last night and had some
fun with the writers and nice italian dinner and Turner, the guy
who had a heart attack and it's weird but he's TOTALLY THE SAME
no difference whatsoever in his demeanor or attitude... It makes
you think, dunnit!

I had a crazy dream with you in it last night, too, with crazy smurf demon things that were like... hm. They were like toys but they were also just like, holographic projections, and they were basically smurfy to begin with, but a bunch of them were like, orange, some were green, and these tall, skinny ones were blue. They were all in Joel's Microwave and he was hunched down on the floor with us all looking in the little window of the microwave as we zapped them repeatedly to try to "fix" them, because apparently they weren't supposed to be different shapes or colors. So zap zap zap and I started to worry, and you were laying kind of half leaning on my back while I lay on the floor, and we were saying "Stop!" but with this sort of laughter in our voices, and then I said "No, you're making them all turn French!" and suddenly a bunch of the blue ones pushed forward in the microwave and they had little berets and beady little eyes and moustaches and they were waggling their fingers at us saying, in unison, "Snooty snooty snooty!" over and over again while we laughed hysterically. When we let them all out of the microwave, they kind of shifted and changed in to little purple-moon-ish little girls, sort of like these soft little dolls, and they all had their own little personae and they came towards us, like, they all wanted to play, and one came up to you and you asked her name and she was tall and black, and she told you her name and you said "Ok let's play!" and then this little japanese dollgirl came close to me, and I could see the texture of her face and she was wearing little girl makeup and she said "Hi. My name is Kamio." and I gasped and sat up a little and she asked what my name is, I said "Well, you might not believe this but my name is ALSO Kamio!" and she clapped and said that we were going to be great friends. Tra la la.

Kind of a cool dream.

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