caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

the taste of the word on my tongue

where are you wounded girls, with bruised faces and blackened eyes?
break open your glass doors, welcome the whirling debris-
carve your name there in the marble and concrete...
kill idiot violence, punish greed, punish me.
run naked through the streets stabbing bloody eyes and scream.
i pray for you murderous, i pray for you well-honed and clean.
i pray for you anyway your violent nature needs you to be...
and i, i praise your name... i praise the taste of the word on my tounge,
and i praise your righteous, rising hate.
i praise your soft lips, and i praise your revenge.
i praise your tenderness and your skin, and i praise your pure, uncorruptable pain...
i praise your name...
i like you like that, lying there on your side.
i praise the scars on your body, and i praise your black mirrored eyes...
i praise your're glorious!
so rise above the garbage. leave me where i fall.
rise above the wreckage. kill anything that walks.

praise your name-m. gira (angels of light)
Tags: lyrics, move along now, nothing to see here

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