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Today was great on many levels.

I not only found all my pertinent tax documents for the year in question, I also found my missing NETFLIX dvds, last seen er... Maybe a year ago... So if you want to talk interest, Withholding, or watch American Splendor, I got it all covered like gravy on a Jimmy Hat.

(delirious with relief and craving sweet n' sour soup)


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Mar. 27th, 2006 05:27 pm (UTC)
I've been paying 20 buxxa month just to hang on to it, and have yet to watch it ever! Who'd think to stick their tax documents, a salad fork, 4 netflix discs and countless mortgage offers in to a purple folder, roll it up and wrap a blue glitter disco belt around it? Me! I love that it only took like 2 hours. I almost feel cheated.

Is American Splendor depressing? The other netflix titles languishing in the purple discobelt folder lo these many months were Permanent Midnight (omg great movie) Tampopo, Trainspotting & Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which i think I lost and reported lost &paid big so it's MINE NOW.
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