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Why Joel and I are a good match - part I

Last night, well past any sensible bedtime, Joel and I lay in bed trying to get sleepy. He told me stories about his childhood, gross-out stories about blowing snot out his nose and snarfing cereal. Always a good time for all. Then I grabbed his arm and started making really loud snappy farts against the crook of his elbow. He started naming specific food types for me to demonstrate, like, "Cheese farts!" and I'd try my best to replicate a goopy snappy cheese fart. Or at least how I imagine a cheese fart would sound. We took turns making these amazing, resonant raspberries on each other, laughing until our sides ached. "Vindaloo!" brapapapapapaaappbbbhbhbbb peals of laughter. It ruled, and we did this for about 45 minutes.

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