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So our electricity went out halfway last weekend, which meant that we had no lights in the bathroom, half of the livingroom, part of the kitchen, part of my room and apparently all of another housemate's room. Our landlord is out of town, and so we resigned ourselves to live with the mild inconvenience for the time being. Yesterday, however, the power went out completely. That sucked kind of a lot. An electrician was called and he jacked us for a king's ransom to change the breaker, and so the power came back on, but the bad news is that the resulting power spike apparently fried our DSL modem. Sonofabitch!

Thankfully, pippilina has a dialup, so i'm rocking the 56k. I need a non-DSL alternative.

This house sucks. It's cold and drafty and broken. Whine. Whimper.

My head still hurts some, and I have a little goose egg bruisy lump in the middle of my forehead. Boo!

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