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Alphabetize my life?

A - Accent: - I sound very, very Californian and say "Like" too much. I elongate my vowels and say "Yeah, you do." in a very Northern Californian, abrasive way.
B - Breakfast Item: - I am big on poppyseed bagels even though you have to spend 3 hours flossing the seeds out of your teeth after eating one. Add cream cheese, sprouts and a tomato and im in bagel heaven.
C - Chore you hate: - Anything involving rotten food/poo, or washing really old dishes. Washing dishes as you go is the workaround for the latter.
D - Dad's Name: - Floyd Donald, but since his dad's name was also Floyd, He went by Donald. Wouldn't you?
E - Essential everyday item: - Laptop, or something.
F - Flavour ice cream: - I like crunchies.
G - Gold or Silver?: - Silver. Or Stainless Surgical, titanium, platinum. (B is for BLING)
H - Hometown: - Santa Cruz, but I feel more at home in SF
I - Insomnia: - I don't believe in it
J - Job Title: - Libertine.
K - Kids: - I am still a kid myself, back off!
L - Living arrangements: - In a messy room in a fun, smelly flat with a bunch of creepy guys and I am only here to keep it from becoming a complete Sausage-Party. And i'm in the process of cleaning my room.
M - Mum's birthplace: - Inyokern, or China Lake, CA., where she claimed she was almost eaten by crows. That's one of the Naval Bases which contributed sidewinder missiles to the world. hm.
N - Number of significant others you’ve ever had: - Significant in what sense? ah haha. I guess like, 8 or 9. What a whore.
O - Overnight hospital stays: - When I was a kid I had a couple of them, once when I was hit by a car (see skull, neck, collarbone x-rays and coma below) and another time when I had to have my stomach pumped because I overdosed on Fluoride pills. Ugh, I tell you.
P - Phobia: - Submarines for some reason, and Scuba Gear. Eek!
Q - Queer?: - No, but some of my best friends are, and I will out them all.
R - Religious Affiliation: - Grew up Agnostic/Jewish and I am fairly atheist, somewhere around there.
S - Siblings: - Half sister (on my dad's side) and a recently discovered half-brother (mom-side)
T - Time you wake up: - Pretty regularly 11-noonish.
U - Unnatural hair colours you've worn: - Almost all of them
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: - Possibly Mustard Greens because of a bad experience as a child.
W - Worst habit: - Procrastinating.
X - X-rays you’ve had: - Dental X-Rays, my skull, upper G.I., my ankles, my right hand, my left ankle, my left knee, my right foot, my collarbone/neck/dunno what else (i was unconscious/in a coma).
Y - Yummy: - Lots of yummy things, right now i'm feeling savory.
Z - Zodiac sign: - Scorpio on the Libra cusp woo woo/whatev
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