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I took a nap in the middle of the day after whacking my head pretty soundly on
a drawer corner, so now I'm headachey and awake at nearly 5 am. Boo.

I just spent a while scrounging around looking for geneological information about my family roots. It's a little weird, overwhelming. I know very little about my background, and I feel like it's probably a little late to start looking in to it now, but it's kind of strange not having a firm grasp on this. All I know is there were some fugly folks in Oklahoma boasting my last name, and that freaks me out. I keep coming across these strange photographs of professors and office workers and hippies. I stare in to the faces of these total strangers, looking for some kind of recognizable feature or something, having trouble remembering what my father really looked like. It's kind of eerie and yet strangely compelling.