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kompuutaa wo tabetai desu

I finally posted a new Kommute entry at, and i'm planning on returning to a regular posting schedule what with school starting and everything. It's fun even if i'm not officially a commuter anymore, and I paid for the domain and everything so nyeh.

I've been running around showing my friend youtsk around the city because i'm cool like that. He's really a lot of fun, I always get along pretty well with him, though I get the impression that I drive him nuts sometimes.

Joel and I have been spending all of our time together, we're both working on our own various projects and every so often we break away from what we're doing and we stretch, look at what's been created, and hug or kiss, and then go back to work. It's strange but very comfortable. I just worry that we're going to burn out on each other or start taking each other for granted. He just stirred from his reveries to ask, "What was the first indication you got from me, when we first met, that I wasn't just a big old dork?"

Life has been very simple, kind of copacetic, but it doesn't leave much for anecdotes. I want it to rain more! The rain makes me feel all warm, bookish and insulated. I might go over to Green Apple tomorrow to buy some more books. I want to get All Families are Psychotic and some other quick, weird fiction. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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