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your estimated wait time is eighteen... minutes. ten seconds.

I slept poorly last night had a heap of nightmares, which sucked a lot. I started reading a book (Miss Wyoming by Douglas Coupland) and spent some time looking stuff up online to try to forget the creepy icky bad dreams, but it meant staying awake a lot longer than I should have, so now i'm still kind of waking up well in to the afternoon, despite my best intentions.

( all representatives are busy assisting other members, but my call is important to them. well gosh )

Yesterday, youtsk showed up kind of early in the morning, and so we went out and ran around on Clement Street, eating dim sum and getting heavily caffeinated for a while

( Oh good lord, a muzak version of "morning has broken" by Cat Stevens, auuugh )

and then after that we put together cheesy little robots for a while as we drank plum wine and watched Trainspotting, and then we grabbed Danny and ran off to get Udon and buy books at Kinokuniya. It was pretty fun. I like youtsk. He's fun to hang around, and smart and stuff. He's the taste kids love!

( please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was received. grr )

So for the time being, i'm calling a bunch of folks on my mother's behalf, so I've been on hold for roughly 30 minutes so far. Go team!!

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