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This survey is kind of doofy.

    My Idea of 'Hell'
  • On the CD player: Phantom of the Opera Musical Score.
  • On the radio: Christian Talk Radio, bad 80's hair bands.
  • On the TV: Creepy late-night infomercials for those electroshock facial Igea things or THE YELLING GUY KNIFE SHOPPING NETWORK.
  • On the VCR: Romantic Comedies, anything with talking animals/babies.
  • Your spouse/partner: Upstanding, workaday breadwinner type or unwashed gamer nerd. It could go either way.
  • Your dinner: Tripe, sweetbreads and overcooked oversalted mustard greens, Salted Plum Soda.
  • Your clothes: Khakis, Button down, Fleece, Business Casual.
  • Your hair: Natural color, feathered, parted in the middle, conservative.
  • Your library: Biographies of famous military figures, old Readers Digests.
  • Your dwelling: Cookie cutter in one of those enormous, homogenous complexes.
  • Your neighborhood: Deep, deep midwestern suburbia.
  • Your job: Retail, jizzmopper or foodservice.
  • Having a conversation with: The guy who introduces the Prisoner episodes on KTEH.

    My Idea of 'Heaven'
  • On the CD player: Underworld or Magnetic Fields - My tastes are everchanging.
  • On the radio: KUSF or KPFA
  • On the TV: Simpsons, Hey Hey Hey, Sopranos, South Park or Jackass.
  • On the VCR: Porn or Anime or Sopranos, Tales of the City.
  • Your spouse/partner: I like the one I got plenty, thanks.
  • Your dinner: Sushi or really good pasta or a giant salad with a lot of beets and beans.
  • Your clothes: Combat boots, long skirt, longsleeved t-shirt, new tights.
  • Your hair: Brightly colored, fresh and kleen and unmussed. Straight bangs.
  • Your library: A neverending supply of underground comics, banned books, fairytales, design books and Vice magazine.
  • Your dwelling: Someplace with a little stability and relative calm. Plenty of space to paint.
  • Your neighborhood: I like this neighborhood, but i'd go in for something with more trees. Urban but quaint.
  • Your job: Stable, well-paying.
  • Having a conversation with: Someone other than myself haw haw.

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