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Your Kind Participation is Fervently Required.

Ready? Okay! Time for you to spam the hell out of me, people!! aaangyl had this great idea to appeal to the vanity of her friendslist:
I'd like you, every one of you, even the ones not on my Flist [friends list] that surf by occasionally, to post a picture of yourself in the comments. Even those of you I've seen in person before. Cuz, you know, everybody ELSE 'round here might not necessarily have seen you. If you're shy, you don't even have to give me a face shot, though it'd be coolest if you tried to pick an image that you feel kinda represents a certain vital piece of you somehow. Heck, you can even post multiple images.

Have at it!

So yeah, come on, photospam me. I did it to aaangyl...

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