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Oh yeah - I forgot to point out one of my very most favoreet pins, which is also one of my new lj icons! And some others I am fond of wearing :

"the internets" ooh la la, no?

And this just in! Take notes, Mister and Miss Lonelyhearts: world's most effective online personal ad (evar)!

lu3ke :
caffeina : bah that is SO WRONG
lu3ke : I think its hilarious, and am ordering a pair for Dozer and Bela immediately
lu3ke : Not rollo, though
caffeina : AW
lu3ke : because he would track me down and kick my ass.

Oh holy crap. I just turned in to my mom. I'm doing the LJ equivalent of cutting out amusing comics and sending them out to people. I guess it's useless to fight it.

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