July 24th, 2007


never forget 7/24

    "6 back-to-back power outages hit the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco Tuesday afternoon causing major havoc with popular web services. 365 Main is down, along with craigslist, Netflix, Technorati and SixApart."
    - boingboing
    Valleywag got all tragicomic and histrionic,
    Laughing Squid has a nice blow-by-blow of the drama.
My favorite quote from the whole ordeal came from SFGate:
    Witnesses who described a blast Tuesday were still unnerved.

    Actor Torino Von Jones, 32, said he was filming a Fruit of the Loom commercial down the block at the time.

    "We were standing over there waiting for the camera cue when we heard a big explosion," he said. "Flames came up taller than I am, and I'm 6-foot-2.

    "Naturally, when you hear an explosion, you think the worst," Von Jones said. Nevertheless, he hurried back to work. "We're Fruit of the Loom -- we've got to make this commercial."
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