July 12th, 2007


Consumating's Question of the Week

What's the craziest thing you've done to get the attention of someone you liked?

Oh, good god. When I was all of 15 years old, I fancied myself a bit of a poetess. Sadly, I lacked any kind of reasonable self-restraint or shame. I would write poems about/to the dreamy boys I fancied - sometimes boys to whom I'd never said so much as a single word - and then I would give these poems to said boys. Not good poetry, mind you, not vomity rhyming garbage, just dorky, spooky crap. They were full of all the sorts of things precocious artgeeky 15-year old girls have going on what with the crazy hormones and whatnot... Precisely the sort of things which, I later realized, cause dreamy boys to run away, shrieking.

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Consumating's Question of the Week

What's in your bag (purse, wallet, pockets, etc.)?

In my rapid deployment backpack-of-holding right this minute:
My watercolor sketchbook (relatively new, only a few pages full)
a pair of really ginchy leather gloves I never wear,
a pair of hot topic armwarmers printed to look like a bandana,
as-yet-unwatched The Ring Two DVD,
Beat-up bright red PVC Hello Kitty Wallet containing
{ $160.87 in US currency as well as a Twenty Pound Note and a 2 dollar bill (not for spending, for being awesome!) My expired CA ID, SScard, Donor Thing, ATM card + business card from local branch assistant manager associate (wtf kind of title is that?!), Tres Agaves business card, current SFMOMA Membership card, Thingy for a free small coffee at Peet's, Virgin store VIP card with conflicting point amounts, Club Bev! card, a paint chip in the color G22: JAIDEN. A Meat Buying License card adorned with various animal silhouettes "Kill one, buy for life!" which segues nicely to the lurid, graphic and sensationalized piece of anti-abortion pro-life propaganda behind it}
7 pens and one mechanical pencil,
a very old wee watercolor half-pan travel set
a cracktorch-style butane lighter
one pack of Djarum Vanilla Clove Cigarettes.
A Ninja Stick,
Face Powder compact,
Spare pair of glasses,
Pack of gum,
2 extra batteries for my camera,
some postcards and invites to clubs
a tiny zine
fistful of stickers
Groovy makeup bag (actually a Japanese pencil case with skulls and shiny) containing excessive cosmetics
Keys to my shit
little blue LED photon light.
And lint.
My muni bus route map is missing! Gr.

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